Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen
Archduke of Austria


Arpa d'Or - HU

The Arpa d’Or  Vocal  Ensemble was founded in 1995. Their first important concert was in 1998, they have been giving several concerts each year since. The aim of the ensemble is to bring the audience, especially focusing on young people, closer to the hardly known vocal works of the Renaissance. The repertoire of Arpa d’Or consists of several genres of church music (starting from the early polyphony unto Dufay, Tallis, Lassus, Palestrina ending with Gesualdo) as well as XVI. Century wordly works (such as Lassus’s Villanelle and Moresche and songs of Dowland). It is important for the ensemble to present church music in its original context, within the liturgy as well. The first CD of the Arpa d’Or Ensemble was released in 2001. On the album ”Vigilate” there are renaissance compositions from the whole liturgical year. The ensemble’s latest CD ”If ye love me”, recorded two years ago, presented the Anthems of Thomas Tallis.

Artistic Director - Péter Mészáros