Michael von Habsburg-Lothringen
Archduke of Austria




international course in church music and early music

as part of the series Choralis Constantinus 500

Hungarian Choral Castle – Pomáz, 3–7 July 2011


During the three-day programme the participants will become acquainted with the chants of the mediaeval Esztergom Rite, as well as the repertoire and performance practices of 15th–16th century Renaissance polyphonic music.


Participants will receive tuition individually or in small groups, attend lectures, join in choral singing and take part in actual liturgical events and concerts held during the course.


The course is open to early music fans and persons wishing to join in liturgical practices, and offers the opportunity to practising musicians and church musicians to acquire new knowledge and experience; indeed, we believe it to be particularly useful for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge or to test and deepen their knowledge.


Vocal training, the Gregorian repertoire liturgical practice, Renaissance polyphony and performance practice are brought together in three modules during the course. The choral workshop and the concert programmes will chiefly draw on the repertoire of the international series of events “Choralis Constantinus 500 – vocal liturgical music in the Habsburg imperial court according to 15th and 16th-century practices”. The series presents the music of two sources dating from 500 years ago, reconstructing the vocal liturgy of the imperial court and presenting the music of an entire liturgical year. The two sources are the three-volume collection of polyphonic music Choralis Constantinus, completed by Heinrich Isaac and his pupil, and the Graduale Pataviense, published in Vienna in 1511, which contains the Gregorian repertoire of Choralis Constantinus as well as the rite used in the Viennese court.


The course material and the music will be provided by the organisers.

See you in the first week of July in the picturesque setting of the Hungarian Choral Castle at Pomáz.


WORKSHOPS (according the weekly schedule):


Solo singing, vocal training – Judit Andrejszki


Gregorian chant, liturgical practice – Zoltán Mizsei


Renaissance polyphonic music, performance practices – Zoltán Kalmanovits



Chanted prayers







Lower age limit: 18 years

NO upper age limit.



Detailed information will be sent to you as soon as we have received your completed registration form.



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