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Discantus - HU

The ensemble, which was founded in autumn 1996, gave it’s first concert early 1997 and this was followed by concerts in and outside Budapest as well as a number of other European cities. The ensemble consists of 12 singers, many of whom graduated at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music or at other University’s conducting faculty.

The repertoire of the ensemble is primarily made up of sacred choral music from the Renaissance and early Baroque, although they are also performing secular pieces from this period as well as an increasing number of 20th century pieces written by both Hungarian and foreign composers.

The ensemble had participated in numerous international festivals and competitions.

In 2001 the ensemble won the Mixed Choir category of the 8th Budapest International Choir Competition, and they were also awarded a special prize.

In July of the same year, at the 2nd Johannes Brahms Choir Competition in Wernigerode, Germany, they won both the prize for their category and also the Grand Prize, the Johannes Brahms Prize.

In 2004 they entered the 12th International Petr Eben choir competition in Prague where they won not only first prize in the chamber category but also the Grand Prize of the festival.

In 2004 Gorizia in Italy was home to the international choir competition at which the ensemble quite literally “swept the board”. In addition to being judged the best in the category of works for two or more choirs and winning the chamber choir category, they were also awarded a special prize by the jury for the “most inspired performance of a piece of sacred music” and, as the icing on the cake, went away with the Grand Prize for the best choir of the festival.

The choir has released it’s 1st CD in 2002, performing motets from Thomas Tallis and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

The ensemble is currently directed by Mészáros Péter, who is also a singing member of the group.

Artistic Director - Péter Mészáros

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2009. March 22., Sunday 6.00 PM – 4th Sunday of Lent (liturgy)

Inner City Parish Church

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